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How do I play Headiest?

The game is simple. At each show, you pick 4 songs you think the band will play. Each song is worth a certain amount of points, depending on where in the set it’s played:

Show Opener (4 points)
Show Closer (3 points)
Encore (2 points)
Wildcard – song played anytime during the show (1 point)

Each correct pick earns you points. The more points you earn, the higher on the leaderboard you go. Then, at the end of tour, the player with the most points wins and becomes The Headiest.

Do I win anything?

We have partnered with some pretty cool lot kids this year and have a bunch of merch to give away. At the end of tour, there will be a grand prize for the player highest on the leaderboard. Last year we gave the Headiest player $250 in Ticketmaster credit so they can hit the next run of shows.

Best move it to follow us on instagram to see what prizes we give away and stay tuned in.

Is it hard to sign up?

Sign up is easy! We don’t need much info, just a name and whatever else you’re comfortable giving. Use your government name or your lot name. Your name tells a lot about how heady you really are.

I have some questions on the rules?

The only rule in Headiest is check out our rules page for Headiest.

I looked through the songs and couldn’t find Drums>Space. Why can’t I play those songs?

We love Drums>Space. It’s a great time to get beer. But when certain songs are part of the nightly repertoire, we’re treating them like jokers and pulling those songs from the deck.

I want to change my songs after hitting submit – how do I go back and edit?

Once you’ve hit submit, those are your songs. There’s no going back and editing. So make sure your feel good about the songs you picked before hitting that last button.

Can I choose my songs for the whole tour?

Not yet. The game is only active up until 30 minutes prior to the ticketed showtime of each show. After that, the game is closed till the next show.

How soon can I see my score?

As soon as the setlist is verified through and the band’s instagram. Since this is a manual process, we will do our best to get scores up before the nights end. But s**t happen, so at the very latest, it will be up by the next morning.

It looks like my points weren’t counted correctly?

Woops! If you see an error, email us and we’ll get right on it.

Are you cops?

Are YOU?! Maybe you should just check out our legal page, narc. Besides, would a cop own this cool hacky sack with a weed leaf on it?? Doubt it.

Are you looking for sponsors? How can we connect?

Strangers stopping strangers… We are always open to cool sponsorships, partnerships, and friendships. Email us!

What about Phish? WSP? Any other bands going to join Headiest?

This winter we’re adding more of the bands you love to Headiest! But for right now, Headiest is just for Dead and Company’s fall tour. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up to date on new bands coming to Headiest.

Why isn’t this an app?

This is just the first version and we hope to make it into an app soon. In the meantime, you can add a widget to your home screen to access Headiest even faster.

1- In Safari, go to
2- Click the bookmark button at the bottom.
3- Choose ‘Add to Homescreen’
4 – Hit accept. Now it’s just like an app.

Is my hand melting?

Somebody’s spent a little too much time in the ACID TEST, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.